Industrial Evolution Interview with RecFrag

Автор: : 15 September 2015

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Interview by Industrial Evolution
Translation by Katherine Pnevskaya

Each season requires specific musical and visual support. Together with autumn blues comes the time to add in a playlist a couple of chill tracks by our future guest in the October night – RecFrag, and read a fresh interview.

- When and how did the project start? What was, so to say, the starting point?
RecFrag: - It was born in the end of 2010. Then I was inspired by Gridlock, Stendeck and other noise-ambient projects. I decided to focus on atmosphere and distorted drums. I always wanted to do melodic tracks, although earlier I did something like cyber-metal. At one time I wanted to get the analogue of “The Prodigy”.

- But the project turned out to be soft and distant from such analogue. Was it a conscious decision or once in the evening you listened to it and “wow, it sounds cool!”?
RecFrag: - It was a kind of recognition to myself that no need to go against your own wishes. I’ve always produced tracks in a such style but somehow tried to do a mass product. And now I don’t even know what for: what I’m doing now is more appropriate and close to me.

- How the name is deciphered?
RecFrag: - Recovered Fragments.

- I.e. after all you’ve finally put together the pieces of yourself?
RecFrag: - Something like this. On the one hand, it is really recovered fragments of unreleased songs. On the other hand, it is some thoughts and ideas which come at one time and materialize while song writing.

- The first album was released 30 April 2015. Was it harder to work on it than on EP, or you already have a skilled hand and didn’t feel the difference?
RecFrag: - To write an EP and in general to produce in small amounts is easier for me – the story doesn’t disintegrate. The album, nevertheless, needs some kind of a plot and it can take much time for writing. In some cases even forces to change the mood. Writing this album took about 4 years.

- Do you have materials for new releases?

RecFrag: - Yes, I already can release an EP but will write an album. By mood it has wholeness.

- Do you try to immerse yourself in some specific state or it comes while the process?
RecFrag: - It is always with me. Enough simply to stay alone for some time.

- I hear some cold in your tracks, even frosty crackling. Do you associate your works with something like that?
RecFrag: - Yes they are cold, it’s true. By the way it’s very difficult to write in the summer, especially when the sun shines. As for associations, I don’t have any. But what regards color set which I see, it’s very close to the album cover or winter-blue night tones and gray autumn sky.

- And what about emotions and atmosphere which you want to touch? It is some certain range or just “the deeper the better”?
RecFrag: - I don’t aim to press directly on something specific. But choosing between emotional coloring, it will be close to light melancholy and sometimes a kind of nervousness and instability.

- Well, seems that soon will come the time of greatest demand. :) Just need to wait until the weather become a bit colder.

RecFrag: - In general, I’m against of the negative-destructive component. But sometimes it’s necessary, as a kind of cleansing for the sake of esthetics. I don’t like neutral music, especially if it hasn’t been planned to be such.

- Can you name analogues for your music? Maybe something from art, literature… from anything.
RecFrag: - Abstract digital art, surrealism, cyberpunk in literature. If to talk about something that evokes similar emotions, I can also add early films by Jim Jarmusch. “Permanent Vacation” for example. The atmosphere is appropriate.

- You told about ambient projects which have inspired you. Is this a guide for you? Or you write detached from any role models?
RecFrag: - It’s impossible to write without looking at anyone, especially in information overload. Another thing is do not try to copy. No need to reinvent the wheel. :) Well, I may say that Gridlock, Dryft and Beefcake are my main guides.

- Do you have any vain dream for your project?
RecFrag: - No. I know that it is nonprofit music and I don’t have a desire to become famous for it. When I started writing music I asked myself “What will happen if it give nothing in return?” and then I realized: I don’t want anything in return. The very ability to do what you want is already a great joy.

- It’s not that little.
RecFrag: - Indeed!

- Let’s talk a bit about the technical side. What is your actual studio setup? Only a computer or some other tools?
RecFrag: - Korg nanokontrol2, Korg padkontrol, M-audio oxygen 49. I don’t use hardware.

- Then give your opinion about the battle of Titans – digital or analog?
RecFrag: - The scariest war. :) But I saw one video that calms me in this matter. A man playing at first on midi keyboard and then on electronic organ, and people should guess which instrument is playing now. They didn’t guess. :) So it’s absolutely unimportant for me on what the track is produced.

- And finally a traditional question: what the audience should expect on the party?
RecFrag: - I’m playing at the beginning, so there will be more ambient, but in the end, perhaps, rhythmic-noise.

- I.e. the playlist will be quite soft?
RecFrag: - Planning so. But I don’t have completely ambient tracks without a beat, at least among the latest ones. And I want to play more fresh material. :)

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