Steffen Schröder (Germany)

I´m living in Berlin. I start to make music and dj´ing in 1990. My influences were industrial, ambient, ebm, acid. In the first years i was playing detroit-techno stuff around europe, sometimes i was playing ambient sets. In 1998/1999 I change totally my style to idm and electronica and the project Huron was born.
In 2005 I and a friend of mine started the net-label Crazy-language. A net-label for idm, electronica, experimental and dubstep. We could won around some big names of the IDM/Electronica scene (e.g.randomform, fm control, Envitre, Rec Overflow, Ralp, Landau, Kero, Integral etc.) to publish tracks on their label.
My firts releases were on Crazy-language, a album and some tracks i released on Trachanik records, Coldroom netlabel, Plataforma ltw and Miga. I have made any remixes for such as Datacrashrobot, Zenodub or dnn. At the moment we organize Crazy-language-music-nights in mikz club.



Huron live @Crazy Language vs. brainstormlab 2012-02-04 (excerpt of set with unreleased material) by Crazy Language

Krake2011-sa-08-21 huron live


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