OH'Acre (England)

OH'Acre is an electronic music project by Nick James Rawcliffe that mainly focuses on ambient, downtempo-IDM and electroacoustic music.
The sound of OH'Acre is a synergy of analogue synthesizers and recording techniques combined with location recordings, sampling and cutting edge digital signal processing.
Musically OH'Acre's influences draw from a range of different genres including ambient, future beat, IDM and post-rock.
However the electronic music of the late 80's and early 90's has also had a profound impact on his debut album, idiom (i-iii).
While occasionally darting from genre to genre OH'Acre still maintains a signature sound that is defined by individualistic experimentation and the desire to create something unique yet emotive.



OH'Acre's music

[04] ath (i)

[14] .56.11.-.11.56. (iii)

[11] asef (ii)

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