Stasis Device - Fading Structures

Изображение: Stasis Device - Fading Structures
  • Title:

    Fading Structures
  • Artist:

    Stasis Device
  • Author:

    Oliver Koster
  • Genre:

    IDM, electronic, ambient, industrial
  • Catalog#:

  • Released:

  • 01. Fading Structures
  • 02. We know You know
  • 03. Northbound
  • 04. Eye of the Storm
  • 05. Blackout
  • 06. Urban Error
  • 07. Light
  • 08. Collective
  • 09. Hedonistic Sanatorium
  • 10. No Change
  • 11. Last Message

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In 5 years after the release of a debut album «Progress» the Stasis Device project presents the new conceptual work called "Fading Structures".
New stuff reflects the developing and improvement of project sound that contains an admiring blend of industrial, idm and ambient.
The music of Oliver Koster is a surrealistic contrast world where is no clear edge between life and artificial existence, where organics interacts with synthetics and acquires new destructive forms.


Design and Illustrations by Gleb Zhurov

Mastered by Anatoly Grinberg (aka Tokee)

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