VA: SOLUM 3. progress


VA: СОЛУМ 3. прогресс


Avsense (by)

The second project by Andrei Solaris[/people/andrei-solaris/]. It was created in 2006 during the work and experiments with sound. In the same year, Avsense took part in the compilation V/A: AntiAntiDote on Segment Records. Currently, the project has a small discography and working on their debut...


  • RecFrag - Burning Rime image

    RecFrag - Burning Rime

    by RecFrag
    Released: 2015-04-30

    "Burning Rime" is the first full-length album by project RecFrag. Filled with atmospheric and noise sounds with interlacements of soft structures. It creates a feeling of despair and some lostness holding in suspense...

  • Stasis Device - Fading Structures image

    Stasis Device - Fading Structures

    by Stasis Device
    Released: 2014-07-28

    In 5 years after the release of a debut album «Progress» the Stasis Device project presents the new conceptual work called "Fading Structures". New stuff reflects the developing and improvement of project sound that...

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