Stasis Device - Fading Structures


Stasis Device - Fading Structures


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Stasis Device (de)

*Stasis Device* was established at turn of the millennium. Originally influenced by artists like Kraftwerk, Haujobb, Covenant or Skinny Puppy, the project pursues no strict stylistic direction. It lives the liberties and the unlimited possibilities of electronic music production and covers the entire range between...


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    Stasis Device - Fading Structures

    by Stasis Device
    Released: 2014-07-28

    In 5 years after the release of a debut album «Progress» the Stasis Device project presents the new conceptual work called "Fading Structures". New stuff reflects the developing and improvement of project sound that...

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    Structural Fault - Herbe

    Released: 2014-02-25

    The music of Structural Fault slowly immerses the listener in a state of relaxation, leads the way along the corridors of subconscious with echoes of shimmering synthetic melodies, and then leaves him in...

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