Plasticaudioproject - Cardio Audio

Изображение: Plasticaudioproject - Cardio Audio
  • Title:

    Cardio Audio
  • Artist:

  • Author:

    Paul Ignatovich, Alexander Sokolov
  • Genre:

    Electronic, IDM, Ambient, Post Rock, Glitch, Experimental, etc...
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  • Released:

  • 1.7/37 02:00
  • 2.Cardio Radio 02:09
  • 3.Deep lake 03:56
  • 4.Over the ocean 06:07
  • 5.Breath of seas 05:09
  • 6.Artery of the planet 04:02
  • 7.Oxygen and people 03:29
  • 8.Carbon dioxide and people 02:18

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Exploration of outer space, flying over the ocean and diving into the depths of the unknown. Cardio Audio is a mosaic of moods made of the guitars sound palette and wrapped up in styles - IDM, ambient, glitch, experimental, abstract, post-rock. This is the abstract sketches of thoughts, emotions and feelings of the authors received from the world. This is the chaos and order of our thoughts and words.




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