Erissoma - No Return, No Hope

Изображение: Erissoma - No Return, No Hope
  • Title:

    No Return, No Hope
  • Artist:

  • Author:

    David Mata
  • Genre:

    ambient, electronic, drone, soundscapes
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  • Released:

  • 1.Turn Up Alone 03:58
  • 2.My Inner Awakening 08:30
  • 3.Transition 03:16
  • 4.Grey Water 05:54
  • 5.No Return, No Hope 05:00
  • 6.Inspiration 03:24
  • 7.White Lights 04:52
  • 8.Exhalation 05:32

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In 'No return, no hope' Erissoma show us an exhausted World by the hunger of power and the uncontrolled human avarice. As there are not ways of changing the actions done, neither there is hope about changing the habits to confront an easier future for our society. Convince that there is only a way of getting through; by changing our mentality that we'll reach a truly and healthy society in a correct balance with our planet and the rest of us. 'No return, no hope' reflects this personal view from the author, showing the not use of electronic elements within his sounds. Songs well balanced and nearly out of changes, no rhythms, playing with distorted sounds; where the main atmosphere recalls an ecclesiastic one. This work invite us to closed our eyes and travel to the inner person in us.

En No return, no hope erissoma muestra un mundo agotado por el ansia de poder y la avaricia descontrolada del ser humano. Del mismo modo que no hay retorno para deshacer nuestras acciones tampoco hay esperanza de que cambie la forma de enfrentarnos a un futuro mas amable en nuestra sociedad. Convencido de que solo con un cambio en nuestra mentalidad y valores podremos llegar un estado de bienestar y equilibrio con el planeta y nuestros semejantes. No return, no hope refleja esta introspeccion personal del autor mediante su falta de sonido electronico. Canciones lineales y casi sin variaciones, sin ritmo, jugando con deviles distorsiones donde predomina un sonido viejo y eclesiastico. Este trabajo invita a cerrar los ojos y viajar al interior de uno mismo.


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