Plasticaudioproject (Belarus)

The members of the group got acquainted in 2008. At that time all of them were keen on alternative progressive rock music. Therefore, their first artistic work was made particularly in this field.In 2009, in order to experiment,the group recorded a remix of one of their own songs and, in a sense, it changed their outlook on music.Later, due to some arguments within the band, it was decided to stop the team's activity.A break lasted for about two years.During that period,Pavel and Alexander participated in various musical projects, but each of them did it separately. However, they still communicated, exchanged ideas and had some thoughts about the reunion. Fortunately, by the end of 2011 Pavel and Alexander have decided to work in duo, directing all their attention at this project. After a short time the right concept and tone have been found and now they call it "Plasticaudioproject".





  • Cardio Audio (Solanic NetLabel May 18, 2012)
  • Enter EP (Subwise NetLabel Feb 18, 2012)


Plasticaudioproject's music

Plasticaudioproject - Run,run!

Plasticaudioproject - Exit


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