Tineidae (Ukraine)

Tineidae is an Ambient/IDM producer from L’vov, Ukraine. Starting his way from post-industrial electronic genres in another project Tineidae has developed his own sound. Mixing ambient atmospheric layers with clear rhythmical structure, sometimes glitchy, sometimes mild and more gentle he creates wide harmonic soundscapes reproducing nature of things in his eyes. As he says, the idea of his project is to show us usual pictures, that surround us in everyday life, refracted by his feelings. Simple things as he sees and perceives them.
Currently Tineidae is working on his first full-length album.

You can find Tineidae by the following links:


or simply send an e-mail 71ne1dae@gmail.com


Tineidae's music

Tineidae - Absence

Tineidae - Shattered Mind

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