Andrei Solaris (Belarus)

The future musician, composer, programmer and designer Andrei Solaris was born in the small town of Baran, Belarus. Since 2003 Andrei has been composing electronic music.
His tracks appeared on various compilations, including such labels as Solanic, CRL Studios, Circlesandlines Recordings, Segment Records and HAZE Netlabel.
In 2009 Andrei took part in the international Intouch electronic music festival. At the moment he is involved in four solo projects:
Sense Solaris (post-industrial, electronic, electro-acoustic, ambient, classical),
Avsense (post-idm, idm, electronic, experimental, ambient, epic, soundtrack),
Avet (electronic, idm, ambient),
Hikl (electronic, epic, soundtrack, classical).
He also contributes to the hikl39000 project (electronic, experimental, ambient).

From 2011 year, the founder, owner and leader of SOLANIC Netlabel.


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