Gimu (Brazil)

Brazilian based sound artist Gimu is no stranger to music. With over 20 years of expansive musical exposure, Gimu's experimental sound has been influenced by many genres as well as being composed of completely original textures. We cannot describe his music in one word. He has graced us with dark ambient, haunting and beautiful drones, atmospheric subtlety and other experimental sounds.

Gimu has over 20 releases to his name and has released recordings on such well-known labels as Heat Death, Rural Colors, Pocket Fields, Heart and Soul, Twisted Tree Line, Constellation Tatsu, Sacred Phrases etc. He also has selfreleased albums and eps out on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

He has been involved with other multiple projects, including running and singing in synth pop band “terrorturbo” in the past and a poetry sound project entitled “Caterpillars Dressed In Their finest” with American poetess Emily Loren Moss Ferrell.

Whatever Gimu does, we are always in for something surprising. He keeps his sounds new yet there is always a signature style in his work.



  • Beluga (On Audio Gourmet Netlabel)
  • A Prayer For Time (3" cd on Heat Death)
  • A Piano Piece (self-release stuff on bandcamp)
  • EK (self-release stuff on bandcamp)
  • The Sacred (self-release)
  • Pain, Exposed (3" cd on Twisted Tree Line)
  • Crestfallen (cd on Childrenplay)
  • A Season In Your Soul (tape release on Sacred Phrases)
  • No. Hypomania. (self-release)
  • The Inexplicable Iceberg Blue (self-release)
  • Heights And Abysses (on Pocket Fields Netlabel)
  • Field And Fern, Mountain And Sea (collab with Darren Harper, 3" cd on Rural Colours)
  • Beams (collab with Kwajbasket, self-release bandcamp stuff)
  • They All Left One By One. They All Left The Radio On (cd on Heart & Soul Publishers)
  • A Silent Stroll On Sombre St (tape release on Constellation Tatsu)
  • ll The Intricacies Of An Imaginary Disease (tape release on brazilian label TOC)
  • The Unknown (self-release)
  • ChungDongQiuXia (self-release)
  • Opaque Black (self-release)
  • When I Sensed Time Collapse (on Greek netlabel Etched Traumas)
  • Has Never Been (feat. Jii-Music, SOLANIC NetLabel Mar 12, 2013)


Gimu's music

Opaque Black (

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