Organism (Belarus)

The project ORGANISM – is a brainchild of the builder, playwright and musician Paul Rassolko from Minsk. And this brainchild was born in 2002, with acquisition of the analog “Polivox”, broken deck “Vega” and the Soviet equalizer. Appearance of the computer in 2003 ‘embellished’ the music sounding. A desire to experiment reflected in the side project [mikra], that was conceived in the same year. The [mikra]’s motto – “Fuck you all! I do what I want!”

Whereas the music under the label ORGANISM has been and remains a ‘pop’ and adequate (in some places…) to the radio and dancefloor. In parallel to all this, the project “Café Plasma Physics” has existed for some time, which blended ‘experiment with the software’ and other computer muddles, that looked quite damp… “CPP” has existed for 2 years or little bit more. Like that… The project ORGANISM is alive and well still for today and continues to delight the hearing of the tempted electronics specialists.

From the memoirs: “When computers only began to appear at the rich sonnies (not from this circle), I engaged in music, having a broken tape deck, a synthesizer “Polivox”, EQ block and a huge mixing console PM-1 (like so…). I remember, I wanted that in a track sounded a direct electronic beat (but not from the synth). For this purpose it was necessary to bring a kitchen electro lighter closer to the acoustics and record a piece of ‘clicking’ (with the deck on radiowave). Then this piece was stretched and rewrited on the tape (quality – generally super). Cut a piece of tape out from the cassette (5-6 cm) and glue a ring. That is loop! Huh))) Fun times were…


Organism's music



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