K-not (Poland)

K-not is Wojciech Sкk from Poland. His sound is a mixture of styles = mostly ambient / IDM / industrial / dubstep / breakcore - rooter in abstract, and often in extreme forms when climate falls in the regions of musical terror. The main objective is to find a compromise between the continuous digitization, development of rhythmic and melodic structures through available technology and the sophistication of one's own recognizable style, but not limited to any genere's walls. He started composing at a very early age but his project saw the light of day in 13/08/09. After two releases in the experimental section of the net-label 49mannequines and his third release for great label CRL Studios his sound becomes more powerful and more sound-design oriented. Yet K-not continues to build up his audio interface in even more experimental ways. His music also appears in avant-garde Antyscena. Expect the unexpected.











  • knotidm@gmail.com


K-not's music

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