Gimu & Jii-Music - Has Never Been

Изображение: Gimu & Jii-Music - Has Never Been
  • Title:

    Has Never Been
  • Artist:

    Gimu & Jii-Music
  • Genre:

    post-industrial, idm, ambient, electronic, drone, soundscapes, tribal, ritual
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  • Released:

  • 1.Has Never Been 05:22
  • 2.Can't Remember What It Was 04:46
  • 3.Embers 08:24
  • 4.Manifest 12:34
  • 5.R 07:11
  • 6.Embers (Reprise) 03:52
  • 7.Ceremony (feat. Paul Dye) 10:44

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The “Has Never Been” album is composed and produced by long time Soundcloud friends, Gilmar Monte & Jiibay Shadow Dancer.
Gilmar Monte (aka Gimu), a Brazilian sound designer of drone ambient soundscapes, were the basis for each of the tracks found on this album.
Jiibay Shadow Dancer (aka Jii-Music), a Native American sound designer, built around each to create the theme of a tribal or ritual experience with a “story-telling” approach, as to pushing a painting into existence.

As each of the sound elements were layered into the tracks, Gimu soon discovered another direction for his music after listening to the first completed track. Both Jiibay and Gimu were left sitting speechless; continuing on to complete this seven track album. They both will also continue the journey to compose future music projects together.

“Can’t Remember What It Was” contains elements of an untitled song by Guido

“Ceremony” contains a guest vocal by Paul Dye

Help with the overall piano sound design by Steve Hill

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