Structural Fault (Argentina)

STRUCTURAL FAULT: is a project of a single member,based in Buenos Aires (Capital Federal) Argentina. In early 2008 gets its first basic tools for music production and begins to enter the field of electronic music, IDM and Industrial, thus giving some experimental models.
In late 2008 Birth of first demo model, called "without parameters" in which they sprang, 6 immature experimental songs, ranging from the style Break beat, Industrial Noise, to the IDM.
Changes arise, in 2009 manages an EP of 6 songs, with the name "In Coma" which would be released in 2010 in digital format by the label "Another Chance Records". Already this year is contacted by the owners of "Aliens Production label" to include the track "Strayed" in (Hypercommunity / CD), recorded by AP label.
A itself is hired, with great support by Sauron and Ryby (Disharmony, Oxyd, Headdreamer) to record and release the first album debut (Intro / Version) including 13 songs, released physically and limited to 333 copies, which emerges in the following year 2011.







  • 2010-05-05 In Coma (Another Chance Records)



  • 2011-10-16 VA: Nothing Left For Us (Abstrakt Reflections)
  • 2010-10-15 VA: Hypercommunity (Aliens Production Label)





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