• VA: SOLUM 3 - Creation image

    VA: SOLUM 3 - Creation

    by Various Artists
    Released: 2017-12-30

    *SOLUM 3* is the digital compilation of exclusive, unique and different materials united by the common idea. The artists from across the...

  • RecFrag - Burning Rime image

    RecFrag - Burning Rime

    by RecFrag
    Released: 2015-04-30

    "Burning Rime" is the first full-length album by project RecFrag. Filled with atmospheric and noise sounds with interlacements of soft structures. It...

  • Stasis Device - Fading Structures image

    Stasis Device - Fading Structures

    by Stasis Device
    Released: 2014-07-28

    In 5 years after the release of a debut album «Progress» the Stasis Device project presents the new conceptual work called "Fading...

  • Structural Fault - Herbe image

    Structural Fault - Herbe

    Released: 2014-02-25

    The music of Structural Fault slowly immerses the listener in a state of relaxation, leads the way along the corridors of subconscious...

  • Erissoma - No Return, No Hope image

    Erissoma - No Return, No Hope

    by Erissoma
    Released: 2013-04-02

    In 'No return, no hope' Erissoma show us an exhausted World by the hunger of power and the uncontrolled human avarice. As...

  • Gimu & Jii-Music - Has Never Been image

    Gimu & Jii-Music - Has Never Been

    by Gimu & Jii-Music
    Released: 2013-03-12

    The “Has Never Been” album is composed and produced by long time Soundcloud friends, Gilmar Monte & Jiibay Shadow Dancer. Gilmar Monte (aka...

  • VA: SOLUM 2 - Our Time image

    VA: SOLUM 2 - Our Time

    by Various Artists
    Released: 2013-01-29

    *OUR TIME*. A time to ask ourselves: who we are, who I am. What are we doing and why? What happened in...

  • Plasticaudioproject - Cardio Audio image

    Exploration of outer space, flying over the ocean and diving into the depths of the unknown. Cardio Audio is a mosaic...

  • Organism - F63.9 image

    Organism - F63.9

    by Organism
    Released: 2012-04-10

    World Health Organization (WHO) has included love in the official Classification of Diseases. Love is classified as the mental illness, the title...

  • RecFrag - Membrane [EP] image

    RecFrag - Membrane [EP]

    by RecFrag
    Released: 2011-12-31

    The second release from RecFrag, tells us a little, wistful and sad story. Maybe it abstract or about something concrete. But the...

  • OH'Acre - idiom (i​-​iii) image

    OH'Acre - idiom (i​-​iii)

    by OH'Acre
    Released: 2011-12-16

    Feelings, emotions, thoughts... and experiments. All this helps to define "idiom (i-iii)", the debut album from project OH'Acre. The combination of such...

  • VA: SOLUM 1 - Inception image

    VA: SOLUM 1 - Inception

    by Various Artists
    Released: 2011-12-04

    "*VA: SOLUM 1 - Inception*" - this is the first release and compilation of electronic music from *SOLANIC Netlabel*. The сompilation contains...

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