RecFrag - Burning Rime

Изображение: RecFrag - Burning Rime
  • Title:

    Burning Rime
  • Artist:

  • Author:

    Dmitry Nikolaenko
  • Genre:

    Electronic, Ambient, IDM, Noise
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  • Released:

  • 1.X-otrix
  • 2.Burning Rime
  • 3.Untitled (feat Paul Ignatovich)
  • 4.Emulsion
  • 5.Thin Ice (remix)
  • 6.White Sparks
  • 7.Grains of Sleep
  • 8.Untitled (Tokee Hard Industrial remix)
  • 9.Grains of Sleep (STRUCTURAL FAULT remix)
  • 10.White Sparks (Letzte Ausfahrt Leben remix)

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"Burning Rime" is the first full-length album by project RecFrag. Filled with atmospheric and noise sounds with interlacements of soft structures. It creates a feeling of despair and some lostness holding in suspense and sometimes on the contrary evokes calm and relaxed state.

Thanks to:
Andrei Solaris, Anatoly Grinberg, Gleb Zhurov, Katherine Pnevskaya, Jose Luis Colque, Nina Helbling, Nadya Korotkevich, Paul Ignatovich.


"Untitled" produced by Dmitry Nikolaenko and Paul Ignatovich (guitar)

"Untitled (Tokee Hard Industrial remix)" produced by Anatoly Grinberg

"Grains of Sleep (STRUCTURAL FAULT remix)" produced by Jose Luis Colque

"White Sparks (Letzte Ausfahrt Leben remix)" produced by Nina Helbling


Drawings and Design by Nadya Korotkevich and Gleb Zhurov

Mastered by Anatoly Grinberg (aka Tokee)

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