SOLAREA 02 (Avsense / RecFrag / Eff Dst)


SOLAREA 02 (Avsense / RecFrag / Eff Dst)

SOLAREA (SOLANIC AREA) – the events which are held by SOLANIC label. The main idea and direction is introduction of music by label and music in the style of the label. Moreover, you will hear music which close in style and atmosphere with such famous labels as Ant-Zen/Hymen, Tympanik Audio, Raumklang Music, CRL Studios, Abstrakt Reflections, Crazy Language, Dope, n5MD, M-Tronic, Lagunamuch etc. One of the essential components of the events will also be visual background. SOLAREA is the space of sound of intellectual, innovative, interesting and just good electronic music.

SOLAREA 02 will be held November 15, with the participation of projects AVSENSE, RECFRAG and EFF DST. Andrei Solaris and the participants of project STABLEFORM (Maxim Dudko and Gleb Jurov) will present their dj sets. Stylistic foundation of the event: IDM, Electronic, Ambient, Rhythmic noise, Industrial.

November 15th
| 23:00-6:00
st. Vaneeva, 3 (​​Stadium "Tractor"), Minsk, Belarus

Tickets: 60.000 bel.rub


AVSENSE / Andrei Solaris (Baran)
[IDM, Electronic / DJ Set],
Project by Andrei Solaris. It was created in 2006 during the work and experiments with sound.

[IDM, Electronic, Rhythmic noise],
Project by Dmitry Nikolayenko. Creating emotional and experimental electronic music. Mainly used distorted sounds and pads.

EFF DST (Minsk)
[IDM, Electronic],
Project by Dmitry Stepnov. Blending industrial, experimental, ambient, IDM, and trance styles, his music features intriguing themes and atmospheres that range from mellow to edgy and gritty.

DJ Gleb Jurov (Mogilev)

DJ signect (Minsk)



Visuals: VJ Hollander (Mogilev)


SOLANIC 2011-2021