Sal Solaris Flint Glass - 11​.​03​.​16

Автор: : 27 November 2016

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released November 25, 2016

The twenty-ninth release by kultFRONT is the third part in a series of tapes collecting live recordings of like-minded musicians from different kinds of dark musical directions. This time we offer you the split-recording of Russian and French electronic experimentalists. Sal Solaris and Flint Glass met for the first time in March 2016 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Their joint gig took place in the "Ionoteka" club located on the site of former railway warehouses. SS presented their long-awaited new album "Thresholds" and for the first time played live the material that was being born in the studio over such a long time. Quite an uneasy spring for the band and its members. It's important that the transition to new rhythmical bases happened in that very point in time and space. Gwenn Tremorin performed the program especially prepared for this gig. Aside for well-known passages his set contained completely unique tracks. Perfect music for experts in sleepdancing. And if Sal Solaris have already physically released some of their live recordings, for Flint Glass this is the first time his live experiments are published.


01. Fail to Distinguish
02. Polygyny Model
03. Entangled Photons (for PVV)
04. Essay on the Reality of Science Studies
05. Сhildren of the Dead (Reutoff cover on C21H27NO2)
06. Pain

Sal Solaris side contains live versions of tracks from Distress, Eigengrau and Thresholds albums played with Roland SP 404SX, Behringer B-Control Deejay BCD3000, Lenovo V580c core i7, FutureDecks DJ Pro, Korg KaossPad 2, TC Electronics Flashback, Boss RV-5, Boss MT-2, Papa Srapa Пружина, Korg Monotron Delay, Korg Kaossilator, Technics RP-DJ1210, Senheizer HD 280 Pro. Dedicated to all people of good will.


Flint Glass side contains special prepared compositions for this concert as different versions of records that have been published on his last album Deus Irae released in collaboration with french dark ambiant project Collapsar, and tracks from Zoran’s equation album and unreleased material played live for the first time. Using digital software manipulations, mono analog sound with Korg Monotron and live organic sounds by using cellular microphone on different wood and metal objects with delay and reverberation effects.

Sal Solaris side time: 43:36
Flint Glass side time: 44:19
Total time: 87:55

Mastered by Gwenn Tremorin
Foto SS by Denis Rylov
Foto FG by Yuri Elik
Artwork by Oleg Paschenko

Exclusive distribution - ZHELEZOBETON

kultFRONT 2016

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